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Fette launches new press for commercial-scale production

By staff reporter , 17-Jun-2014
Last updated on 17-Jun-2014 at 15:55 GMT2014-06-17T15:55:18Z

Fette launches new press for commercial-scale production

Fette Compacting America claims its new tablet press technology can accelerate the production of large drug batches.

The new system – the FE75 Tablet Press – is a double-sided rotary press that can be equipped with up to 115 punch stations to produce more than 1.6m tablets per hour.

According to the New Jersey, US firm - which is a subsidiary of LMT Group-owned Fette Compacting - the platform is “ideal for the premium production of large batches, the FE75’s four compression rollers feature a special control system for direct compression, enabling the machine to operate with two intermediate pressures.”

In common with all the models in Fette’s FE range of tablet presses the new system features a conical filling unit, manually adjustable filling table, compression rollers, tablet discharge through the column, a revamped operating terminal, and the connection of process equipment through a standardized plug-and-play interface.  

Unlike the FE35 single-sided rotary press and the FE55 systems, Fettte says the “FE75 has been specifically tailored to high-volume output for large batch production.”

Olaf Muller, CEO of the LMT Group and Managing Director of the Fette Compacting Division, suggested that the FE&5 may be of particular interest to drugmakers in high voilume production markets.

“The ongoing shift even of large production lines to the ‘pharmerging markets’ and increasing cost and quality pressures will lead pharmaceutical companies to make systematic investments in coming years to improve their productivity. This will also include efficient large-batch production, for which the FE75 has been specifically tailored.”

Fette claims to have sold more than 50 of the FE units since the launch of the FE55 system in 2011.

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