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Disillusioned with Tablet Testing? Copley Launches Time Saving Solution

Last updated on 22-Jul-2013 at 12:34 GMT2013-07-22T12:34:59Z

Disillusioned with tablet testing? Copley launches speedy solution

Disillusioned with tablet testing? Copley launches speedy solution

UK testing tech firm Copley scientific has launched new system designed to speed up dissolution media preparations.

The Dissomate combines media prep and dispensing in a single stem and can generate 8 litre of pre-warmed, deaerated dissolution media in less than 15 minutes, which makes tablet testing more efficient according to Mark Copley, Sales Director for the Nottingham firm.

Copley told that: "use of gravimetric principles, rather than volumetric principles typically employed by other systems for dispensing the correct amount of dissolution media" improves accuracy.

He added that the new system is "much quicker than manual methods such as desiccation, sonication, heating and helium sparging which could take upwards of an hour."

For drugmakers the advantages is that: "It speeds up the preparation of dissolution tests and ensure compliance with the strict USP criteria for temperature and volume. It also reduces test data variability by providing a high-quality method of dissolution media de-aeration."

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