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Clariant aims at preformulation


Clariant has invested in a microfluidisation capability that will allow it to manufacture high performance excipients for film coatings used in sustained- and protected-release active pharmaceutical ingredients.

This investment marks a continuing move by Clariant into preformulation technologies to complement its established activities in manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.

Microfluidisation will be conducted at Clariant's facility in Isso, Italy, using existing reactor capability and newly-installed microdispergation and ultrafiltration equipment.

Commenting on the move, Dr Ralf Pfirmann, global director of pharmaceutical market management for Clariant Pharmaceuticals, said that Clariant's ability to integrate this activity with its API production takes it up the value chain into enteric-coated formulations, and allows it to differentiate itself from its competitors in the overall ingredient supply market.

Enteric coatings can be used to allow acid sensitive drugs to pass through the stomach unaffected or to keep stomach upsetting drugs from releasing in the stomach. Depending on the type of project in the facility, capacity for these coatings can range from 50 to 100 tonnes per year, said the firm.

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