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Brazil wants to buy Pharma tech from the Ukraine

Last updated on 20-Nov-2012 at 14:15 GMT2012-11-20T14:15:45Z

Brazil plans pharma investment in the Ukraine

Brazil wants to buy pharmaceutical manufacturing technology from the Ukraine as part of a $4.5bn investment plan.

News of the deal emerged earlier this week, just one month after Ukrainian officials visited Sao Paulo as part of a 15 country ‘roadshow’ designed to attract investment.

At the time José Barouki, director of trade and investment company Daruvar SA, said: "We want to build the mini-tractors production plant in Ukraine as well as purchase shipbuilding and pharmaceutical manufacturing technology.”

The deal – terms of which have not been disclosed – builds on a number of existing agreements between Brazilian and Ukrainian firms.

In May, Brazilian state pharmaceutical group Farmanguinhos/Fiocruz bought 3.5 million vials of genetically engineered human insulin from Ukrainian insulin producer Indar. The countries also have also signed a preliminary agreement to establish bilateral insulin production in Brazil using Ukrainian technology by 2014.

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