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AstraZeneca API plant set to shut by 2017 as Patent Cliff strikes again

18-Dec-2014 - An AstraZeneca API plant in Bristol, UK will close its doors within two years due to patent expirations of its cholesterol-lowering blockbuster Crestor.

Immunotherapy in the UK? National manufacturing site backed by GE

17-Dec-2014 - GE Healthcare has pledged its support and technology to a national £55m ($86m) Cell Therapy manufacturing centre in Stevenage, UK, set to launch in 2017.

Asian API exporters looking to process management IT systems, says Werum

16-Dec-2014 - Asian API makers are turning to ‘out-of-the-box’ Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to help manage documentation and control quality, according to IT solutions Werum.

After AZ R&D exit, CMOs anxious to keep pharma in the country

11-Dec-2014 - Pharma companies have called on the Swedish government to prevent manufacturing going the way of R&D and leaving the country, after AstraZeneca closed its research in Lund in 2012.

Want to work for Pfizer? Get ready for ‘American Idol’ audition

10-Dec-2014 - Pfizer has revealed a unique way of hiring employees in Sweden it compares to “American Idol” auditions.

From CPHI India

Eager-to-please Indian manufacturers creating GMP chaos says expert

08-Dec-2014 - Cultural differences and broken promises are behind Indian GMP failures and acute generics shortages in the UK, according to one pharmaceutical distributor.

If only syphilis was really this cute! Win a dose in time for Christmas

05-Dec-2014 - How many drugs are prescribed in the North Pole? Have a guess and win a cuddly giant microbe in our Christmas Competition.

Flu vaccine underwent 35 QA/QC tests in Italy death probe, says Novartis

05-Dec-2014 - Novartis has spoken about the extensive safety testing at its production sites after its seasonal flu vaccine Fluad was found to be unconnected to 19 deaths in Italy.

From CPHI India 2014

Do you manufacture these APIs? ‘We’re interested in you,’ says WHO

04-Dec-2014 - The World Health Organisation says its prequalification scheme gives free help to makers of selected APIs, drugs and vaccines who want to boost their standards and access international markets.


Ice pigs might fly for drug industry says newly acquired tech firm

02-Dec-2014 - The company behind a new pipe cleaning technology known as ‘ice pigging’ has been bought by the UK arm of Spanish water treatment firm Agbar.

Mylan in tech transfer to make Gilead's HIV drugs for developing world

01-Dec-2014 - Mylan will manufacture and distribute Gilead's antiretroviral HIV drugs, following a tech transfer, in order to increase access in developing countries.

News in brief

Aurobindo recalls empty epilepsy capsules

27-Nov-2014 - Aurobindo Pharma has recalled one lot of Gabapentin for the treatment of epilepsy and postherpetic neuralgia (pain after shingles), after it was found to contain empty capsules.

Why cashews and coconuts are Merck's green energy secret

26-Nov-2014 - Merck KGaA will run its manufacturing plant in Goa on fuel from cashews and coconuts.

EMA adopts guidelines on phthalate excipients, cross-contamination in manufacturing

25-Nov-2014 - The two guidelines offer help to manufacturers looking to use potentially hazardous phthalates as excipients in drugs, as well as those that have shared facilities where multiple drugs are produced.

AMRI re-opens troubled sterile injectable facility in New Mexico

25-Nov-2014 - AMRI’s Albuquerque, New Mexico sterile injectable facility has resumed full manufacturing operations following an environmental deviation. 

Pfizer hails portable manufacturing as latest in lean

19-Nov-2014 - How can a pharma company invest in continuous manufacturing without bleeding money when it retreats from a local market? Pfizer’s answer is production pods it can roll out anywhere in the world via helicopter… and pack away again if a market turns.

Catalent to tap particle size engineering industry with Micron buy

17-Nov-2014 - Last week CDMO Catalent acquired Micron Technologies, a provider of particle size engineering technologies, with the aim of improving its early stage tech offering.

GSK eyes emerging markets with $27m manufacturing tech investment

17-Nov-2014 - GSK Australia will invest about $27m (€22m) in manufacturing technology to expand its Boronia site in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. 

Live from London: FT Global Pharma and Biotechnology Conference

17-Nov-2014 -    [View the story "Live from the FT Pharma Conference in London" on Storify]

Aseptic manufacturers must invest in latest GMP compliance, says UK CMO

11-Nov-2014 - Investing in GMP compliance regulations is key to success in sterile manufacturing says UK-based Symbiosis which is looking to capitalise on gaps left by recent CMO pullouts.

Dispatches from AAPS

Encapsulating the problem? Machinery could save drugmakers up to $1m, says Capsugel

06-Nov-2014 - Using encapsulation machinery that is well serviced and appropriate to the type of powder being used can save drugmakers hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to Capsugel

Dispatches from AAPS

US FDA offers more perspective on real-time release testing

04-Nov-2014 - As manufacturers begin to implement new RTRT (real-time release testing) models, a US FDA expert on the matter is offering additional help.

Novartis completes layoffs at Nebraska plant with 44 more departures

03-Nov-2014 - By dropping 44 more employees, Novartis has completed the final phase of the planned restructuring of its once-beleaguered Lincoln, Nebraska manufacturing facility. 

Novo Nordisk to hire 90 at newly acquired plant in New Hampshire

30-Oct-2014 - Novo Nordisk on Wednesday announced plans to hire up to 90 people at its newly-acquired manufacturing facility in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. 


Why there's no sign of Pfizer among top pharma employers

29-Oct-2014 - A head-hunter explains why Regeneron, Novo Nordisk and Genentech top a global survey of science employers, but Pfizer is nowhere to be seen in the top 20.


Axim to build Dutch facility for cannabinoid-based chewing gum drug

Axim to build Dutch facility for cannabinoid-based chewing gum drug

A company developing a pharmaceutical chewing gum containing cannabinoids extracted from marijuana has announced plans to build...

Two INDs or not two INDs? Unanswered questions in China draft MRCT guide

Two INDs or not two INDs? Unanswered questions in China draft MRCT guide

Drugmakers that include China in multi-regional trials will need to submit dossiers filed elsewhere for review, open...

Advanced aspirin aspirations ailing? Sanofi and Pozen terminate deal

Advanced aspirin aspirations ailing? Sanofi and Pozen terminate deal

Sanofi and Pozen have dissolved a $35m (Eur28m) ‘advanced aspirin’ partnership less than a month before the...

Want to relocate to Asia? What pharma recruiters really look for

Want to relocate to Asia? What pharma recruiters really look for

Singaporean companies are looking for scientists, while China and India need execs – but don’t count on...

Chinese excipient market set to more than double by 2017

Chinese excipient market set to more than double by 2017

With more than 90 excipient manufacturers in China dedicated to the pharma industry, the country expects its...

BASF sells Norway plant, focuses on pharma grade omega-3 products

BASF sells Norway plant, focuses on pharma grade omega-3 products

BASF says the supply of API to GSK and other pharma customers will not be affected by...

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