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Dyadic to sell fungal expression system to DuPont for $75m

Not that kind of fungus

18-Nov-2015 - Dyadic has agreed to sell its enzyme-producing fungal expression system and the rest of its industrial technology business to DuPont for $75 million (€70 million).

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Roche to exit four EU and US sites in small molecule network shake-up

16-Nov-2015 - Specialised drugs made using flexible technologies are the future for Roche’s small molecule portfolio, the firm says as it restructures its production network.

Pfizer-Allergan combo would comprise 100+ sites and post-Wyeth level headcount

12-Nov-2015 - Pfizer’s manufacturing network would stretch beyond 100 sites if a merger deal with Allergan is reached.

Women sue Endo for packaging mix-up ‘that left 113 pregnant’

12-Nov-2015 - More than one hundred women are suing a subsidiary of Irish manufacturer Endo International, claiming a packaging error caused their contraception to fail and result in unwanted pregnancies.


ABPI: fix the manufacturing skills gap now

11-Nov-2015 - The UK biopharma industry is reporting difficulties finding manufacturing workers with the skills to make vaccines, biologics, and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP), according to ABPI.

Lonza: industry should shift to QC automation

04-Nov-2015 - While pharma is increasing use of automation and data integration tools in process development and manufacturing, it lags behind in electronic documentation of quality control, according to Lonza Biologics QC director Jessica Jean.

GSK and Pfizer team up on continuous manufacturing project

03-Nov-2015 - Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline have agreed to work together on the development of a new version of the former's continuous processing technology for oral solid dosage (OSD) drugs.

Hanson, Shimadzu combine technologies to create an automated testing system

30-Oct-2015 - Hanson Research and Shimadzu have teamed up to combine their respective technologies into an automated online pharmaceutical testing system.

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