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NIPER says API nano crystal formulation tech will cut drug costs

India hopes to get big in solubility with nano crystal tech

02-Sep-2015 - The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER ) in India has created and licensed technology for producing nano-crystal based medicines that it says will cut drug costs.  

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The hunt for work after red October: Novo cites military experience as a big plus

02-Sep-2015 - Novo Nordisk says nuclear submarine veterans’ “mission critical” mentality is suited to pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.

Veterans suited to pharma says Texas A&M

01-Sep-2015 - Army training is good for a biopharma career according to the US National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing, which is seeking former military personnel interested in learning about bioprocessing.

GSK backtracks on Memphis divestment plans, invests $2m

25-Aug-2015 - A GSK facility in Memphis Tennessee which was scheduled to be sold off will now receive $2m to improve its manufacturing infrastructure.

‘Eat or be eaten;’ Mylan says Perrigo could be run as subsidiary

25-Aug-2015 - Mylan will run Perrigo as a wholly-owned subsidiary if it acquires between 50-80% of shares, the firm has clarified.

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CMO Regis Technologies opens potent API site

25-Aug-2015 - Regis Technologies has opened a site for manufacturing highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) in Illinois.

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Merck recalls 276,000 pill bottles

20-Aug-2015 - Merck & Co. has recalled two chemotherapy products because of cracked caps, including one it manufactures for Novartis’ Sandoz.

Italy bans 7 APIs from compounding pharmacies after off-label abuse

20-Aug-2015 - The Italian Ministry of Health has banned compounding pharmacies from preparing drugs containing any of seven APIs after chemists were discovered making dangerous off-label weight loss treatments.

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