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CPhI 2013 in Frankfurt

Our editorial team avoided the Oktoberfest beerhalls of Munich in favour of the Frankfurt Messe and CPhI 2013. Though the journey from Frankfurt Hahn airport to the city centre was longer than the flight from our office in Montpellier (and almost our New York office too) the show produced a wide range of newsworthy stories:

News from CPhI

Second generation HPMC excipient can cut costs by 60%, says Dow

05-Nov-2013 - A new tableting excipient eliminates the need for wet granulation and saves up to 60% on overall manufacturing costs according to developer Dow.

Dispatches from CPhI

'The sexiness of the ADC world' - CMOs talk antibody-drug hybrids at CPhI

30-Oct-2013 - Piramal’s COO Vijay Shah described antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) as “a concept whose time has come” at the CPhI annual report press conference and recent investors in the technology echo his words....

Dispatches from CPhI

Novasep granted US FDA approval at two EU API facilities

29-Oct-2013 - French CMO Novasep has received the thumbs up from US regulators at two of its European API manufacturing facilities.

UPDATE - Dispatches from CPhI

Capsugel's purchase of Bend will strengthen partnership, says Dow

28-Oct-2013 - Dow says the acquisition of partner Bend Research is “good news” and will strengthen its developments in solving solubility and bioavailability issues in drug formulation.

dispatches from CPhI

Risk-based supply chain management means more audits for excipient firms

28-Oct-2013 - Regulatory pressure for risk-based supply chain management is increasing excipient suppliers’ audit burden according to the team preparing to launch the 'excipact' certification scheme as an independent association.

Dispatches from CPhI

McKinsey consultants help to pull Patheon off the road to bankruptcy

23-Oct-2013 - Patheon brought in McKinsey consultants over the last three years to help overhaul its sagging business and institute a number of simple process changes that resulted in deep transformations.


Catalent launches softgel products at CPhI: one vegetarian, one anti-abuse

23-Oct-2013 - Catalent has announced two new softgel solutions as it adds greater versatility to its Advanced Technologies Business Unit.


Cobra Biologics looks to reduce volume waste during fill/finish

23-Oct-2013 - A project to minimise the hold-up volume and losses in the fill/finish of biologics has reduced biologic waste ten-fold, says Cobra Biologics.


Frankfurt becomes Phrankfurt as drug industry gathers in Germany

21-Oct-2013 - Drugmakers, fine chemicals firms, delivery technology manufacturers and processing system developers from around the world meet in Frankfurt, Germany.

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