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The Gaslamp District, San Diego played host to AAPS 2014

AAPS 2014 San Diego

Though famous for Comic-Con, San Diego's conference centre was full of different super-heroes for five days: those of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) and our editorial team traveled from France and New York to bring you the news and views from the pharma community.

German CMO looks to grow US biz through rise in SMEs and virtual pharma

24-Nov-2014 - Rottendorf is looking to break from being “the best kept secret in the CMO world” by targeting the thousands of virtual and SME pharma firms in the US, according to its CEO....

Industry onboard with single-use but still 'chroma-phobic,' says EMD Millipore

19-Nov-2014 - Single-use continues to be adopted by the bioprocessing industry, but drugmakers are still hesitant to use disposable chromatography systems, says EMD Millipore.

Pfizer hails portable manufacturing as latest in lean

19-Nov-2014 - How can a pharma company invest in continuous manufacturing without bleeding money when it retreats from a local market? Pfizer’s answer is production pods it can roll out anywhere in...

Demand for early formulation work to tackle drug target ‘Wild West’

18-Nov-2014 - Sponsors are turning to outsourcing earlier for help with bioavailability formulation, say contract research organisations (CROs)


Ebola nasal vaccine under threat as funding runs dry

12-Nov-2014 - Lack of funding is threatening development of a nasal spray vaccine shown to provide long-term protection for non-human primates against the Ebola virus, the lead researcher told this publication in an...


Microneedles feasible peptide delivery tech, says Merck Director

11-Nov-2014 - Transdermal delivery using microneedles is an attractive and feasible administrative route for peptides, according to a Merck & Co. Director.

Dispatches from AAPS

Extractables & leachables the biggest barrier to SU adoption, says WuXi

07-Nov-2014 - Extractables & leachables are the number one problem holding back the adoption and scale-up of single-use technology, according to a WuXi Apptech Director.

Dispatches from AAPS 2014

GSK ‘moves best people’ to keep Ebola vaccine manufacture in-house

07-Nov-2014 - GSK is keeping its Ebola vaccine production in-house, despite previously leaked documents which suggested the company could not ramp up volume of BS-2 manufacturing without impacting its other vaccine lines.

Dispatches from AAPS 2014

BARDA: Ebola is “a bioterrorism threat”

06-Nov-2014 - BARDA, the US government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, has revealed it sees Ebola “as a bioterrorism threat.”

Dispatches from AAPS

Encapsulating the problem? Machinery could save drugmakers up to $1m, says Capsugel

06-Nov-2014 - Using encapsulation machinery that is well serviced and appropriate to the type of powder being used can save drugmakers hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to Capsugel

Dispatches from AAPS 2014

SGS advancements try to keep company ahead of competition

05-Nov-2014 - Analytical and bioanalytical service provider SGS has made significant changes to its global network over the past few months to stay ahead of the competition curve.

Dispatches from AAPS

Anti-addiction vaccine could help opiate addicts kick the habit

05-Nov-2014 - A vaccine candidate which treats opioid abuse could help patients recover from heroin and Oxycontin addictions.

Dispatches from AAPS

Kemwell announces Cirrus to produce trial supplies in 'flexi suite'

05-Nov-2014 - Kemwell’s daughter company Cirrus will start manufacturing pharmaceuticals for clinical trials out of a GMP suite set to open in North Carolina.

Dispatches from AAPS

Pfizer Director: Need for regulatory commitments clarity in NDAs, and US FDA concurs

05-Nov-2014 - A Pfizer Director has called for clearer manufacturing commitments in NDA and post-approval applications and the US FDA says, following its restructure, this will come.

Dispatches from AAPS

US FDA offers more perspective on real-time release testing

04-Nov-2014 - As manufacturers begin to implement new RTRT (real-time release testing) models, a US FDA expert on the matter is offering additional help.

Dispatches from AAPS

Inhaler delivered peptide could prevent LDC deaths during childbirth, says GSK

04-Nov-2014 - Inhaled delivery of the labour inducing peptide oxytocin could help prevent millions of deaths in the lesser-developed countries (LDC), according to a GSK scientist.

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Breaking Ad: Can virus-delivered gene therapy help meth addicts quit?

04-Nov-2014 - Addicts struggling to kick a meth habit could be helped by gene therapy according to the team behind a US National Institutes of Health funded project.

dispatches from AAPS

Why Apple and Google hold the key to avoiding Pharmageddon

03-Nov-2014 - In the future pharma will be reliant on technology, says physician-scientist Daniel Kraft, who warns that companies which fail to innovate risk being left behind.

AAPS 2014: Avoiding pharmageddon and pharma innovation discussed in San Diego

03-Nov-2014 -   [View the story "Cali-pharm-ia: Live from AAPS 2014" on Storify]

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