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AAPS 2010 in New Orleans

The in-Pharmatechnologist team went to the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) conference in New Orleans, US to cover all the breaking drug industry news and trends and speak with key pharmaceutical industry movers and shakers.

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Metrics discusses benzophenone migration at AAPS

06-Dec-2010 - US Contract research laboratory Metrics reveals that benzophenone, a component used in varnish on labels, is able to migrate through HDPE bottles to reach the pills inside.

Multiple strategies needed to beat counterfeiters

02-Dec-2010 - Only multiple anti-counterfeiting strategies are able to beat increasingly sophisticated criminals, according to a seminar on anti-counterfeiting at the recent AAPS trade event in New Orleans.

Monographs, heavy metals and globalisation on USP agenda

01-Dec-2010 - Updating monographs, changing elemental impurity tests and globalisation were discussed by the USP at its workshop and in interviews with in-PharmaTechnologist.

Phase I environmental testing helps waste handling decisions

30-Nov-2010 - Performing environmental testing early in a molecule’s development and including data in tech transfers to CMOs helps ensure there is little mass loading from pilot and commercial plants.

Capsugel sees demand for capsule filling tech improve in 2010

29-Nov-2010 - Demand for high-end capsule filling technologies, particularly those used for early clinical development projects, has increased in 2010 according to Capsugel.

Anti-counterfeiting held back by self-interest & politics

29-Nov-2010 - Narrowly defined pharma self-interest and lack of coordinated political effort means, despite the best effort of some, the problem of counterfeiting may be worsening.

Control excipient reactivity with packaging & aluminium lakes

25-Nov-2010 - Aluminium lakes and in-liner packaging can, in some cases, be used to control reactive components in excipients and therefore overcome drug product instability.

Will & desire needed to drive adoption of real-time release

24-Nov-2010 - The knowledge and means are in place to implement real-time release (RTR), a PAT pioneer said at AAPS, but questions remain about whether pharma has the will and desire.

AAPS report

Millions of dollars wasted on failed recruitment

23-Nov-2010 - Poor recruitment practices cost the United States pharmaceutical industry millions of dollars, warns a leading US biopharma recruitment agency.

Nose-to-brain delivery possible but challenges remain

23-Nov-2010 - Nose-to-brain delivery can become a reality, even for molecules with high molecular weights, but barriers relating to administration and adsorption remain, according to a panel at AAPS.

Globalisation is biggest challenge for supply chain security, says USP

22-Nov-2010 - Globalisation is the main challenge to drug supply chain security according to USP scientist Desmond Hunt, who says greater collaboration is the key to maintaining product integrity

Industry, innovation & Viagra-stuffed teddies at AAPS

22-Nov-2010 - Last week everything from co-processed excipients to Viagra-stuffed teddies were discussed at AAPS 2010. Now, with the show having finished, we present our personal take on the event.

Partnerships needed to beat public health counterfeit threat

17-Nov-2010 - Combatting counterfeit drugs through forging stronger partnerships is beyond profit, it is about saving lives, AstraZeneca principal scientist Dr Michael Claybourn told a workshop on global drug quality at the...

USP building database of fake & substandard meds

16-Nov-2010 - The USP is building a database of counterfeit essential medicines to support international drug procurement organisations, such as WHO, and the timely sharing of information between national regulators.

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