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Rexam Healthcare

Rexam’s new child-resistant ophthalmic and nasal closure : continuing many decades of innovative child-resistant drug packaging

Rexam Healthcare | 15-Oct-2013 | PDF Data sheet
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requires child-resistant (CR) packaging for all products containing imidazolines (vaso...

Health in Gum® adapts to direct compression with standard tableting equipment

Cafosa | 14-Oct-2013 | PDF Clinical study
Medicated chewing gum (MCG) is considered a valid drug delivery system that releases the APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) by chewi...

Improving API Stability with Increased Excipient Purity

Croda | 14-Oct-2013 | PDF Data sheet
Sensitive or unstable APIs can pose formulating challenges when it comes to ensuring their consistent and safe delivery.  Data indic...

Applying disruptive technologies in mammalian cell line development

Fujifilm | 14-Oct-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Biopharmaceutical manufacturers traditionally rely on cell line development (CLD) “platforms” which combine long development timelines wi...
SGS Group Management


SGS Life Science Services | 07-Oct-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
To ensure a long product shelf-life for biopharmaceutical drug products, a stable storage environment is critical. Determination of the o...

How to Simplify Virus Production Process Scale-Up?

ATMI Life Science | 30-Sep-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Discover how to efficiently scale-up vaccine manufacturing processes by moving from 2-D vessels to the Integrity® iCELLis® series of sing...

Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals to Conform to ICHQ6B

25-Sep-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Worldwide, the pharmaceuticals market is anticipated to grow from more than USD 782 billion in 2011 to approach a value of just over USD...

Inhalia®. Designed to deliver a consistent dose, every time!

Rexam Healthcare | 23-Sep-2013 | PDF Data sheet
Rexam’s precision metering valve platform for pressurized-metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) Inhalia® meets a wide range of requirements and i...

Taste-masking performance of new maltodextrins

Roquette | 23-Sep-2013 | PDF Research study
API's undesirable taste is one of the most challenging parameters for oral drug delivery systems. This issue is even more critical in the...

Cell Culture Media Identification with Handheld 1064 Nanometer Raman

Rigaku | 23-Sep-2013 | PDF Application note
Biopharmaceutical production is a rapidly growing and high risk industry. According to a market research report, only three of ten drugs...

Simpler and Faster Viral Vector Production Scale-Up

ATMI Life Science | 23-Sep-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Discover how to efficiently produce wild-type or recombinant viruses to be used as vaccines and human gene therapy vectors. Learn more ab...

Hyaluronic acid is now measured on the Hyasis® scale

16-Sep-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Hyasis is derived from a state-of-the-art Bacillus-based production process utilizing only water for purification with no animal-derived...

Nucleic Acid Amplification Technique for Biosafety

SGS Life Science Services | 09-Sep-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Use of cutting-edge NATs reduces the amount of time needed for development and safety testing of novel biotech products. This white paper...

ACG Whitepaper - Pharmaceutical Capsules: Key Considerations

ACG Worldwide | 04-Sep-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Capsules, the most important means of delivering medicine, are also the fastest, simplest, and efficient form of administering pharmaceut...

ACG Whitepaper – Demystifying Track & Trace

ACG Worldwide | 02-Sep-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Read Demystifying Track & Trace and learn how a single-source provider can help to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical drugs by ensur...

Handheld 1064nm Raman boosts excipient analysis capacity

Rigaku | 21-Aug-2013 | PDF Application note
Pharmaceutical manufacturers the world over seek more efficient technologies for materials validation. Implementation of handheld Raman s...
ACG Worldwide

ACG Case Study – Destiny 8100 - A New Era in Tabletting

ACG Worldwide | 15-Jul-2013 | PDF Case study
When an India-based large-scale drug manufacturing company chose Destiny 8100, a high speed double rotary tablet compression from ACG, fo...

Accelerating Lipid Drug Formulation with the Premier Expert System

Capsugel | 11-Jul-2013 | PDF Case study
Formulation scientists are increasingly pivotal to pharmaceutical product development. They are often faced with the daunting challenge o...
Freund Pharmatec

Novel encapsulation technology for oral delivery

Freund Pharmatec | 17-Jun-2013 | PDF Data sheet
The Ethicap® Gel technology offers solutions to many common formulation challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry for oral drug del...
Mettler Toledo CI-Vision

Avoid Angry Customers-Eliminate Defects

METTLER TOLEDO | 12-Jun-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
In the pharmaceutical business, it is crucial that containers be free of contamination, formation defects and dimensional irregularities...

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