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ACG Whitepaper - Pharmaceutical Capsules: Key Considerations

ACG Worldwide | 04-Sep-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Capsules, the most important means of delivering medicine, are also the fastest, simplest, and efficient form of administering pharmaceut...

ACG Whitepaper – Demystifying Track & Trace

ACG Worldwide | 02-Sep-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Read Demystifying Track & Trace and learn how a single-source provider can help to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical drugs by ensur...

Handheld 1064nm Raman boosts excipient analysis capacity

Rigaku | 21-Aug-2013 | PDF Application note
Pharmaceutical manufacturers the world over seek more efficient technologies for materials validation. Implementation of handheld Raman s...
ACG Worldwide

ACG Case Study – Destiny 8100 - A New Era in Tabletting

ACG Worldwide | 15-Jul-2013 | PDF Case study
When an India-based large-scale drug manufacturing company chose Destiny 8100, a high speed double rotary tablet compression from ACG, fo...

Accelerating Lipid Drug Formulation with the Premier Expert System

Capsugel | 11-Jul-2013 | PDF Case study
Formulation scientists are increasingly pivotal to pharmaceutical product development. They are often faced with the daunting challenge o...
Freund Pharmatec

Novel encapsulation technology for oral delivery

Freund Pharmatec | 17-Jun-2013 | PDF Data sheet
The Ethicap® Gel technology offers solutions to many common formulation challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry for oral drug del...
Mettler Toledo CI-Vision

Avoid Angry Customers-Eliminate Defects

METTLER TOLEDO | 12-Jun-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
In the pharmaceutical business, it is crucial that containers be free of contamination, formation defects and dimensional irregularities...

Biosimilar Development: The Race to Market

SGS | 10-Jun-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
This article provides an update on the current regulatory situation for biosimilars, and addresses the issues with demonstrating physicoc...

Virus Production: From Bench to Industrial Scale

ATMI Life Science | 10-Jun-2013 | PDF Case study
Discover the linear scale-up of various viral production process using the Integrity® iCELLis®, a scalable range of disposable fixed-bed...

Reducing Cellular Irritation with a Purified Excipient

Croda | 03-Jun-2013 | PDF Data sheet
The improved oxidative stability of Super Refined® Polysorbate 80 significantly reduces the potential for cellular irritation.  As t...

How to Industrialize Stem Cell Culture Processes?

ATMI Life Science | 27-May-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Learn about the scale-up of allogeneic stem cell processes, from multi-tray stacks to the Intergity® XpansionTM multiplate bioreactor. Re...

Id Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals with Portable Raman

Rigaku | 22-May-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
The growing danger of counterfeit and substandard medicines entering the supply chain is a concern for global pharmaceutical manufacturer...

Increase Integrity of Single-use Assemblies Immediately Before Use.

ATMI Life Science | 20-May-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Discover the HIT™ platform, a new highly-sensitive technology for detecting defects as small as 10 micron in single-use assemblies at the...

Choosing the Right Dimension of Purity

Croda | 29-Apr-2013 | PDF Data sheet
Drug active stability and formulation efficacy can be negatively affected by excipient impurity.  Additional purity can be valuable...

ONAMER® M Preservative and Antimicrobial Agent

Stepan | 22-Apr-2013 | PDF Case study
ONAMER® M is a biocide agent suitable in a variety of liquid drug formulations. Its high safety and low toxicity profile makes it especia...

IMA welcomes you to Interphex NY 2013 - DA VINCI is back: discover it at IMA LIFE booth!

IMA LIFE | 15-Apr-2013 | PDF Data sheet
Visit us at Interphex NY 2013 to discover our latest solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products. IMA LIFE will...

Increasing Accuracy, Not Costs

METTLER TOLEDO | 11-Apr-2013 | PDF Case study
Pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide are turning to vision inspection as a way to safeguard their brands, keeping products with label a...

Sensitivity Over Oleic Acid

Croda | 01-Apr-2013 | PDF Data sheet
Is oleic acid irritating you?  Super Refined® oleic acid can reduce cellular irritation as well as improve the oxidative stability o...

White Paper: Is My Method Still Valid?

SGS | 26-Mar-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
The goal of method validation is to pro­vide proof that data from each individual sample is indicative of the actual batch content with l...

Vcaps® Plus capsules: The next generation HPMC capsule for optimum formulation of Pharmaceutical Dosage forms

Capsugel | 28-Feb-2013 | PDF Research study
Traditionally, HPMC capsules have been formulated with secondary gelling agents and ionic gel promoters, which may lead to unwanted issue...

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