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Biopharmaceutical Drug Developers topic: Detection of protein aggregation by AF4/MALS

Wyatt | 02-Jul-2009 | PDF Technical / white paper
The formation of aggregates in biopharmaceuticals such as monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), represents a severe problem, which has also been...

Discover the first single-use bioreactor through large scale cultivation of CHO cells

Sartorius Stedim Biotech | 01-Jul-2009 | PDF Application note
The BIOSTAT® CultiBag STR is a new line of stirred tank bioreactors which is comprised of stainless steel support housing, single-use bio...

The BIOSTAT® Qplus is a new generation of Fermentor

Sartorius Stedim Biotech | 30-Jun-2009 | PDF Product brochure
The BIOSTAT® Qplus is a new generation of Fermentor|Bioreactor systems designed for parallel operation with high throughput capability.

Modern Chemical Development and cGMP Synthesis: When to use Chiral Chromatography

Novasep | 26-Aug-2009 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Chiral chromatography is widely used to make the first few grams of enantiomers, when the compound is needed pure and quickly, without co...

Production of Pharmaceutical Compounds through Microbial Fermentation

SAFC Pharma | 24-Jun-2009 | PDF Technical / white paper
In this article SAFC Pharma looks at the evolution of microbial fermentation and its applications in today’s pharmaceutical industry. Th...

Multi-Purpose Microreactors - A Fast Track to Optimized Processes?

SAFC Pharma | 11-Jun-2009 | PDF Technical / white paper
In this article SAFC Pharma looks at how the use of multi-purpose microreactors offers numerous benefits over traditional batch processor...

Publish your Technical Paper on this Website

William Reed Business Media | 09-Jun-2009 | Webpage Technical / white paper
Promote your company’s technical expertise towards decision makersPublish your Technical Paper on this website.

Highly Potent Parenterals

Baxter | 26-Aug-2009 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
The economics of outsourcing highly potent molecules has always required careful decisionmaking, but even more so with today’s pipeline t...

Second sourcing: A strategy to mitigate supply chain risk

Baxter | 26-Aug-2009 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Supply chain risks are growing: Less inventory slack Longer supply lines Greater exposure to global political and financial events...

Sustainable Production of Pharmaceutical Intermediates and API’s

DSM Pharmaceutical Products | 26-Aug-2009 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Leading R&D scientists from DSM speak about innovations in chemistry advancing the sustainable production of intermediates and API’s...

Automated Cleaning Swab Validation Testing using the Zymark® APW3 Assay Workstation

Sotax AG | 26-May-2009 | PDF Application note
Analysis of cleaning swabs provides its own set of challenges to the pharmaceutical laboratory. The large numbers of samples and sporadic...

Merck´s holistic concept with Securalic® and Candurin® - Security at every level

Merck KGaA | 26-May-2009 | PDF Product brochure
Merck KGaA developed the new demonstration tool “ESAN” for brand and product protection. The virtual pharmaceutical product shows by way...

Marchesini Group for the Pharmaceuticals track&trace

Marchesini Group Spa | 20-May-2009 | PDF Product brochure
Marchesini Group is ready to offer its customers on the International market different solutions for adapting their pharmaceutical packag...

Novel technique tests enzyme-substrate specificity

Paraytec Ltd | 07-May-2009 | PDF Application note
Paraytec Application Note AN002 describes a novel technique for testing enzyme-substrate specificity using a continuous engagement Electr...

Ultrasonic Particle Engineering - The Key to Ideal Formulation and Drug Product Performance

Prosonix - Making Better Medicines | 06-May-2009 | PDF Application note
In a time where FDA sponsored initiatives such as Lean 6 Sigma, QbD and PAT are set to dominate the future of Pharmaceutical Manufacture,...

High-Potent Bioconjugation or Linking Biological Molecules to Highly Potent APIs

SAFC Pharma | 28-Apr-2009 | PDF Product brochure
Medical researchers are arming themselves with a new series of weapons in the war against diseases – conjugated drugs that link biologic...

Improve Life Sciences Manufacturing Compliance

Aegis Analyticals | 28-Apr-2009 | PDF Technical / white paper
Improve Life Sciences Manufacturing Compliance In today’s life science manufacturing environments, compliance has taken on new meaning....

Cooperation between I Holland and Pfizer yields anti-stick rewards

I Holland Limited | 20-Apr-2009 | PDF Case study
I Holland are pleased to release details of their highly successful cooperation with Pfizer in the staging of anti-stick compression tri...

Automated Analysis of Suspensions, Creams, Lotions, and Gels

SPS Pharma Services | 15-Apr-2009 | PDF Application note
Suspensions, Creams, Lotions, Pastes and Gels, otherwise known as “semi-solids”, can present problems for the analytical method developer...

XP500: Optimized, Evolutionary ODT Performance

SPI Pharma | 10-Apr-2009 | PDF Research study
XP500 is the latest development in the constant improvement of ODT dosage forms. The formulator is required to produce a tablet which is...

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