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Super Refined Polysorbates Reduce Cellular Irritation

Croda | 01-Nov-2010 | PDF Technical / white paper
Pharmaceutical formulators of topical and parenteral dosage forms often encounter the issues of irritation at the site of application or...

Optimising excipient properties for ODT formulation

Roquette | 25-Oct-2010 | PDF Application note
Compression forces and tablet hardness versus disintegration rate are key formulation factors. It’s just a question of identifying the OD...

Optimizing capsule counting accuracy

METTLER TOLEDO | 25-Oct-2010 | PDF Case study
METTLER TOLEDO was approached by a leading gelatin capsule manufacturer to optimize their capsule counting system. For this new capsule b...

Reducing Out-of-Specification results in QA/QC

Mettler Toledo | 03-Mar-2010 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Weighing out powders to prepare samples and standards for analytical methods such as HPLC can be a time-consuming task with high error ri...

New solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

IMA LIFE | 11-Oct-2010 | PDF Data sheet
Discover IMA Group’s new solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products: the Perfima perforated pan, the Xtrema F2...

Custom Manufacturing Driven by Core Competencies at Genzyme Pharmaceuticals

Genzyme Pharmaceuticals | 05-Oct-2010 | PDF Technical / white paper
With global competition in custom manufacturing dramatically shifting, companies are changing business strategies to extend geographic pr...

-New ingredients platform "PharmaChoices@Jungbunzlauer"

Jungbunzlauer | 04-Oct-2010 | PDF Data sheet
Jungbunzlauer launches a new platform to tackle three main ingredient fields: excipients, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredi...

I Holland & Molecular Profiles lead the way with Anti-Sticking research

I Holland Limited | 30-Sep-2010 | PDF Research study
As part of I Holland's continuing quest to increase understanding of the science behind tabletting, their R & D team have completed a...

Frymix II - the new way of aseptic semi-solids processing

Romaco | 30-Sep-2010 | PDF Data sheet
The Frymix II from FrymaKoruma is a further development of our successful Frymix vacuum processing technology. The system is designed to...

Fujicalin® - Unique Spray Dried Carrier for Liquisolid Systems and Probiotic Tablets that Last 3 Years

Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. | 29-Sep-2010 | PDF Application note
Fujicalin® is an excellent carrier for liquisolid systems (up to 12% of Tocopherol acetate load) according to new studies conducted at th...

Five year trouble free manufacturing for large pharma company

Alkermes | 23-Sep-2010 | PDF Case study
Alkermes, through the merger with Elan Drug Technologies,to become Alkermes plc,has been developing and manufacturing commercial scale so...

White Paper on USP Elemental Impurities

SGS Life Science Services | 20-Sep-2010 | PDF Technical / white paper
The USP has completed its revision on how heavy metals testing will be performed for drug products, drug substances, excipients and dieta...

Product & Process Transfer of a Low Solubility Compound with 6 year OTIF >95%

Alkermes | 14-Sep-2010 | PDF Case study
Alkermes, through the merger with Elan Drug Technologies,to form Alkermes plc,has been developing and manufacturing commercial scale soli...

The 10 Essential Don’ts for Manufacturers to combat Main Street’s ‘New Normal’ and win

CDC Software | 10-Sep-2010 | PDF Technical / white paper
Many factories are currently engaged in many cost reduction initiatives that are stumbling or have dramatically slowed down. In many cas...

Greater Process Availability in Lysine Production

METTLER TOLEDO | 23-Aug-2010 | PDF Case study
Successful manufacture of lysine relies on strict control of dissolved oxygen (DO). For one of the world’s largest lysine producers, swit...

Beyond Plant Visibility to Business Improvement

CDC Software | 17-Aug-2010 | PDF Technical / white paper
Increasing evidence is pointing to the realization that many plant-wide intelligence initiatives do not lead to the dramatic improvements...

Purac in the pharmaceutical industry

Purac Biochem bv | 05-Aug-2010 | Webpage Product presentation
Purac supplies a wide range of high-quality products to the pharmaceutical and medical industry for various applications. The three main...

Generate Sales Leads: Free White Paper

William Reed Business Media | 02-Aug-2010 | PDF Technical / white paper
White papers (or technical papers) are one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your sales team and establish your company’s...

Are you Asking the Right Questions?

William Reed Business Media | 02-Aug-2010 | PDF Survey
Want to evaluate your company’s brand image or the opinion of the Outsourcing-Pharma readers on a certain topic? Want to perform a market...

It's time to rewire: reduce cycle time by 50% and improve quality with digital label and carton production and certified supply

Nosco | 19-Aug-2010 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
You can now reduce time to market by 50% leveraging Digital Printing, Certified Supply, and Supply Chain Services. Learn how manufacturer...

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