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Ultrasonic Particle Engineering – The Key to Making Better MedicinesTM

Prosonix - Making Better Medicines | 06-Oct-2009 | PDF Application note
Today the Pharmaceutical sector is focussed on ways of accelerating product commercialisation in the most efficient way possible, withou...

Solution for Automating Content Uniformity and Assay Testing

Sotax AG | 30-Sep-2009 | PDF Data sheet
Automating routine content uniformity and assay testing within the QC and R&D labs has several benefits. Learn more about the SOTAX C...

Trace-level aliphatic amines in pharmaceutical ingredients

Metrohm AG | 29-Sep-2009 | PDF Application note
The determination of aliphatic amines in interfering matrices is a challenging task because protonated amines are often poorly retained o...

Amorphization of Pharmaceuticals by Cogrinding with Neusilin®

Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. | 29-Sep-2009 | PDF Research study
Amorphization is the buzz-word in pharmaceutical industry for overcoming problems related to poorly water soluble drugs. We examine co-gr...

Handling Protocols Key Consideration in HPAPI Market

SAFC Pharma | 18-Sep-2009 | PDF Technical / white paper
Over the past 10 years, the manufacture of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) has become increasingly attractive to...

Track & Trace solutions from the IMA Group

IMA LIFE | 16-Sep-2009 | PDF Product brochure
The high increase in the falsification or counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products has led the IMA Group to take measures to activate t...

New Unica220 by Marchesini Group: versatile and ergonomic thermoformer

Marchesini Group Spa | 03-Sep-2009 | PDF Product brochure
Unica220, the new robotic line is Marchesini’s choice to complete its range of machines based on the Group’s main business policy: that o...

The primary Dual Vials system – Keep Safe and preserve your active ingredient

Coradin | 02-Sep-2009 | PDF Product brochure
CORADIN Plastic Injection molding proposes its new packaging The Dual Vials system Primary. A safe and easy solution to store and reconst...

Automated determination of active-substance content

Metrohm – customized analysis for the pharmaceutical industry | 01-Sep-2009 | PDF Application note
Active ingredients in pharmaceutical tablets can only be determined after several sample preparation steps. Automation with Metrohm’s 815...

Micro Reactors - The Future for Cost-Effective Manufacturing

DSM Pharmaceutical Products | 26-Aug-2009 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Leading scientists from DSM speak about micro reactor technology for the sustainable production of API’s to “go green” while introducing...
How Automation Can Contribute to Quality by Design Initiatives.

Quality By Design: The Automated Pharmaceutical Assay

Sotax AG | 25-Aug-2009 | PDF Application note
This paper provides a very brief overview of Quality by Design in the Pharmaceutical Industry focusing down to the pharmaceutical assay....

A Distorted View: Why CPG and Pharmaceutical companies are operating with inaccurate metrics, why it matters and what to do about it

CDC Software | 04-Aug-2009 | PDF Technical / white paper
Would you like 9% margin expansion in less than 12 months from today across every line in your factory network with no new plant and no m...

PEG Purity for API Stability

Croda Health Care | 10-Jul-2009 | PDF Technical / white paper
One of the main challenges in the pharmaceutical industry is the ability to produce stable drug formulations, and excipient purity is now...

Shoot for share: from vial to pre-filled syringe

Baxter | 26-Aug-2009 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Pre-filled syringes are a growing alternative to vials for many of today’s parenteral products. According to recent estimates, the market...

SPI Pharma: Formulating Success Through Innovation

SPI Pharma | 07-Jul-2009 | PDF Product brochure
SPI Pharma has launched Pharmaburst® 500. Superior organoleptics. Rapid disintegration. Highly compactible. Cost effective. Easy to use....

Biopharmaceutical Drug Developers topic: Detection of protein aggregation by AF4/MALS

Wyatt | 02-Jul-2009 | PDF Technical / white paper
The formation of aggregates in biopharmaceuticals such as monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), represents a severe problem, which has also been...

Discover the first single-use bioreactor through large scale cultivation of CHO cells

Sartorius Stedim Biotech | 01-Jul-2009 | PDF Application note
The BIOSTAT® CultiBag STR is a new line of stirred tank bioreactors which is comprised of stainless steel support housing, single-use bio...

The BIOSTAT® Qplus is a new generation of Fermentor

Sartorius Stedim Biotech | 30-Jun-2009 | PDF Product brochure
The BIOSTAT® Qplus is a new generation of Fermentor|Bioreactor systems designed for parallel operation with high throughput capability.

Modern Chemical Development and cGMP Synthesis: When to use Chiral Chromatography

Novasep | 26-Aug-2009 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Chiral chromatography is widely used to make the first few grams of enantiomers, when the compound is needed pure and quickly, without co...

Production of Pharmaceutical Compounds through Microbial Fermentation

SAFC Pharma | 24-Jun-2009 | PDF Technical / white paper
In this article SAFC Pharma looks at the evolution of microbial fermentation and its applications in today’s pharmaceutical industry. Th...

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