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Stabilize your API

Croda Health Care | 10-Sep-2012 | PDF Data sheet
Maximize your drug active and overall formulation stability with high purity PEG 400.  Croda’s Super Refined® PEG 400 has demonstrat...

Soluplus® – The Solid Solution

BASF SE | 03-Sep-2012 | PDF Application note
Designed especially for solid solutions, Soluplus significantly boosts the solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble APIs. Find ou...

Efficient production combining smart synthesis & purification

Novasep | 20-Aug-2012 | PDF Case study
Molecules reaching the market in the recent years present an ever-growing complexity and purity criteria are more stringent than ever. Th...

Looking to improve your drug bioavailability?

Croda | 06-Aug-2012 | PDF Data sheet
API bioavailability can be optimized through enhancing the stability of your API itself and by improving overall oxidative stability of y...
COMPENDIUM: Expert advice on solubility enhancement

COMPENDIUM: Expert advice on solubility enhancement

BASF SE | 20-Jun-2012 | PDF Technical / white paper
Must-read solubility enhancement compendiumThe result of many years of research, BASF’s solubilization compendium covers basic principles...

Check out the latest ExAct issue on solubilization

BASF SE | 18-Jun-2012 | PDF Research study
This issue of ExAct is all about solubilization and bioavailability enhancement. Read about innovative solutions such as HME, learn about...

Issues with Cellular Irritation?

Croda | 04-Jun-2012 | PDF Data sheet
Reduce the irritation at the site of injection or application.  Croda’s Super Refined Polysorbate 80 has demonstrated significant re...
What do physicians think of DPIs? New insights from a recent survey

What do physicians think of DPIs? New insights from a recent survey

Capsugel | 01-Jun-2012 | PDF Technical / white paper
Interest in DPIs as an alternative to traditional pMDIs has burgeoned in recent years following advances in their design and performance....

IMA welcomes you to Achema 2012

IMA LIFE | 28-May-2012 | PDF Data sheet
Discover our latest solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products on show at the forthcoming Achema: a wide range...

Controlled Substances Supply Chain Management: Ensure Compliance and Optimize Efficiency

DPT Labs | 18-Apr-2012 | PDF Data sheet
Controlled substances are highly regulated and must be vigilantly monitored from the laboratory to the marketplace to prevent theft and i...

Kollicoat® Smartseal 30 D: Active Protection

BASF SE | 16-Apr-2012 | PDF Technical / white paper
Many solid oral dosage forms call for effective taste masking and moisture protection, especially for ODT formulations. Kollicoat® Smarts...

Looking to Improve Your Formulation Stability?

Croda | 02-Apr-2012 | PDF Case study
Maximize your API and overall formulation stability with high purity PEG 400.  Croda’s Super Refined® PEG 400 has demonstrated it im...

SGS-Lab-Disulfide Bonds….

SGS | 02-Apr-2012 | PDF Technical / white paper
The disulfide bond is a post-translational protein modification with significant implications for structure and function. Predicting the...

Container Testing: Quantifying Metal Contaminants

SGS | 05-Mar-2012 | PDF Technical / white paper
With USP <661> colorimetric methods for detecting heavy metal contaminants known to be inadequate at trace levels, SGS conducted ex...

Irritated by Your Topical Formulations?

Croda | 05-Mar-2012 | PDF Case study
Don't let your topical formulations irritate you any further.  Croda's Super Refined Oleic Acid has demonstrated it reduces cellular...

How to Approach Identification of Anomalous Peaks

SGS | 22-Feb-2012 | PDF Technical / white paper
The sudden appearance of an unknown peak during an HPLC analysis of a pharmaceutical product can be a critical finding causing delays and...

A Streamlined Approach for Nasal Spray Development & Manufacturing

DPT Labs | 14-Feb-2012 | PDF Data sheet
Nasal sprays are comprised of one or more therapeutically active ingredients that are either dissolved or suspended in solutions in non‐p...

Issues with oxidative stability?

Croda | 06-Feb-2012 | PDF Case study
Croda has created a Super Refined® Castor Oil that has demonstrated improved oxidative stability for maximizing the stability and integr...

Sample Prep Proposed USP Elemental Impurities

SGS | 30-Jan-2012 | PDF Technical / white paper
Proper sample preparation is crucial when analyzing for trace metals using inductively coupled plasma (ICP). This paper illustrates how s...

Inhalia™, NEW Precision metering valves for pMDIs

Rexam Healthcare | 08-Dec-2011 | PDF Data sheet
The aerosol packaging used for inhaled drugs is one of the most difficult forms to develop and control in the pharmaceutical industry....