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Cleaning Validation - What do you need to consider to ensure a successful outcome?

Reading Scientific Services Ltd. | 22-Mar-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
The data used to determine the success of a cleaning validation is built upon both the effective evaluation of the manufacturing pla...

Taking fill release rates to a new level

Gelita AG | 20-Mar-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Various attempts by the pharmaceutical industry to reduce cross-linking with additives have only been partially successful. GELITA, howe...

VALSYNTHESE – Custom phosgenation under GMP

Valsynthese SA | 01-Mar-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Phosgene is a powerful reagent allowing the straightforward synthesis of key intermediates such as chloroformates, acid chlorides, and ca...

Producing the perfect soft gel

Leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen peptides | 17-Jan-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
This white paper outlines the key considerations to ensure gelatin is enhanced for soft gel formulation, efficient gel production and opt...
Safe preservative free multi-dose eye drops

Nemera: Using intelligent design to deliver safe preservative free multi-dose eye drops

Nemera | 12-Dec-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Novelia® represents a major innovation in ophthalmic drug delivery by providing a preservative-free alternative for chronic treatments in...

Patient-Centric Drug-Development Process

Catalent | 28-Nov-2016 | PDF Insight guide
For large and small pharmaceutical companies alike; developing a new drug is fraught with risk. Patient-centric drug development and opti...

Choosing the Right Size Sphere

Colorcon Inc. | 21-Nov-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Choosing the right size sugar sphere, for a multiparticulate dosage form is imperative.  Size matters; not only to achieve a robust...

Tailoring the autoinjection with SAFELIA®

Nemera | 21-Nov-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
For a better patient experience and for an optimized drug deliver, including for high volumes high viscosities formulation.Safelia injec...

Experience foam for topical drug delivery

Gattefossé | 14-Nov-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Pharmaceutical foams are becoming more popular probably due to more topical medicines being switched to OTC and the need to innovate and...

Prevention of Dose Dumping Effects with PVA (37)

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany | 02-Nov-2016 | PDF Clinical study
Hydrophilic polymers are widely used as matrices in the formulation of pharmaceutical dosage forms with sustained API release; however, d...


Stable Micro Systems | 31-Oct-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Convenient, comfortable and highly effective, gel-based pharmaceuticals are booming. For optimal robustness and efficacy, texture is crit...

Challenges and SEPPIC solutions for moisture sensitive formulation

SEPPIC | 24-Oct-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
One of the challenges of the formulators is to develop stable formulations which protect API from moisture. To find solutions and differe...

pH measurement: Six technical tips

Metrohm – customized analysis for the pharmaceutical industry | 10-Oct-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
The pH value is one of the most important and therefore also one of the most frequently measured quantities in analytical chemistry. Some...

TCC TB – a new filler for direct compression

Jungbunzlauer | 01-Oct-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
TCC TB is a tricalcium citrate tetrahydrate designed to function as a direct compression excipient. It combines exceptional compression c...

A unique pharmaceutical oil for solubility and oral bioavailability enhancement

Gattefossé | 01-Oct-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
This white paper features Maisine® CC, Gattefossé’s tradename for glyceryl monolinoleate (USP-NF), also known as corn oil mono-, di- and...

FDA Focus̶ Product Design and Post Approval Changes

Colorcon Inc. | 19-Sep-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Review a new Colorcon Technical Paper offering a summary of key points presented in the recent US Center for Drug Evaluation and Research...

Elemental Impurity Analysis in Pharmaceuticals – The Road To Implementation of ICH Q3D

Butterworth | 13-Sep-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
The International Conference of Harmonisation (ICH) guidance document on elemental impurities, Q3D, reached step 4 in December 2014, mean...

Influence of AFFINISOL™ viscosity on HME processability and drug release

Dow Pharma & Food Solutions | 12-Sep-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Four grades of AFFINISOL™ HPMC HME were synthesized to specific target viscosities to first assess the ability to control the dissolution...

Maintain in-use product integrity with specialty film coating

Colorcon Inc. | 12-Jul-2016 | PDF Case study
The drug combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid is moisture sensitive, demanding low humidity manufacturing and moisture barrier...

Amino Acid Analysis of Pharmaceutical Products

SGS Life Science Services | 11-Jul-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Amino Acid Analysis in general can be used for identification testing of biopharmaceutical active ingredients and the determination of im...

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