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Novozymes albumin attracts two ‘top 10’ pharmas

Last updated on 04-Feb-2014 at 16:38 GMT2014-02-04T16:38:43Z

Novozymes albumin attracts two ‘top 10’ pharmas

Novozymes Biopharma has confirmed that two “top 10” pharmaceutical firms are using its modified human albumin in their drug development programmes.

The firm – which is a unit of Danish industrial biotechnology group Novozymes – could not name the companies involved, but did reveal that its recombinant human albumin product is being used to extend the circulating half-life of various drug candidates.

Spokesman Dermot Pearson told the unnamed firms join GSK, CSL, Dyax, EpiVax and Teva on the list of companies using “albumin technology for half-life extension purposes in their drug development programmes.” 

Novozymes’ recombinant human albumin - has been available for the last few years – has been modified so that it takes longer to degrade, which is key to its half-life extending properties as Pearson explained.

We have engineered a range of albumin variants with increased binding to the human FcRn receptor. We have demonstrated that this increase in receptor binding correlates directly with an increased in vivo half-life.

He added that: “The combination of a therapeutic molecule with our albumin variants allows for longer acting therapeutics than was previously possible using wild-type albumin.”

Pearson recently presented data to support this claim describing the findings as “the most promising insight yet that Novozymes' half-life extension technology delivers the reduction in dosing frequency that we set out to deliver when we began developing the platform five years ago.”

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