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Sanofi goes public on $18.5bn bid for “unwilling” Genzyme

30-Aug-2010 - Sanofi Aventis has gone public with its $18.5bn (€14.5bn) takeover bid for US biotech Genzyme, putting more pressure on firm’s “unwilling” board

Amcor: Alcan costs cut profits; but pharma flexibles unit boosts sales

26-Aug-2010 - The Flexibles packaging unit acquired in Alcan Packaging deal boost sales, but integration costs hit fiscal 2010 net profit at Australia’s Amcor.

India ponders compulsory licensing revisions to cut prices

25-Aug-2010 - India is considering strengthening compulsory licensing provisions, which allow third parties to produce patented products, in response to concerns about overseas takeovers and drug prices.

News in brief

Cipla to buy Meditab for $28m

25-Aug-2010 - Indian pharmaceutical firm Cipla is to buy Meditab Specialties to boost active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and intermediate production capacity.

Imclone closes US Erbitux plant

18-Aug-2010 - Imclone has closed the manufacturing facility in Branchburg, New Jersey where it produces the cancer drug Erbitux, according to reports in the US media.

Merck to buy back Riverside plant for key API supply

11-Aug-2010 - US drugmaker Merck & Co has announced plans to reacquire a Pennsylvania manufacturing plant to guarantee supply of key active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

Endo to buy Penwest for Opana ER tech

10-Aug-2010 - Endo Pharmaceuticals will pay $168m (€127.7m) for drug delivery tech and formulations firm Penwest Pharmaceuticals in bid to expand pain portfolio.

US patients call for Fabrazyme patent break; Are you watching Sanofi?

03-Aug-2010 - Calls for US government to break Genzyme’s Fabrazyme patents accompany more speculation that French drugmaker Sanofi Aventis is in takeover talks.

Bilcare to boost EU and US access with €100m Ineos Films buy

03-Aug-2010 - Bilcare to buy Ineos’ rigid polymer films business for €100m ($132m) to improve access to pharmaceutical packaging customers worldwide.

News in brief

Heinkel boosts separation offering with Comber buy

02-Aug-2010 - Heinkel expands pharmaceutical filtering and drying systems business with acquisition of Italian equipment maker Comber.

Guest article

Pharma consolidation and the downstream impact on CROs

29-Jul-2010 - Significant biopharm consolidation has played a key role in reshaping the drug development sector. Viq Pervaaz, senior vice president at Aon Consulting, discusses the changes and how they will impact...

Colorcon builds coating biz with Indian buy

27-Jul-2010 - Colorcon will buy Indian group Pharmaceuitcal Coatings to expand both its tablet film coating business and presence in “rapidly growing” pharmaceutical market.

Constantia buys Tobepal from Amcor

22-Jul-2010 - Austria’s Constantia Packaging will pay Amcor €92m ($118m) for its Spanish Tobepal flexible packaging business.

Merck Millipore launched after $7bn takover

19-Jul-2010 - Germany’s Merck KGaA has completed its $7bn (€b5.2n) acquisition of Millipore, unveiling plans to target “high-growth, high-margin” bio-research and bio-production markets.

Guest article

M&A processes, pitfalls and keys to success

15-Jul-2010 - M&A can help revitalize firms but failure to properly integrate the companies can create an inefficient, demoralized business. In this article, Viq Pervaaz, senior vice president at Aon Consulting, takes...

Merck to close eight production facilities, eight R&D labs

12-Jul-2010 - Merck & Co is to close or sell eight manufacturing plants and a further eight R&D laboratories as part of efforts to cuts its workforce by 15 per cent.

Sanofi said to be planning $20bn acquisition in US

05-Jul-2010 - Rumour has it that French drug giant Sanofi Aventis is planning to make a $20bn (€16bn) acquisition in the US with speculation that biotechs like Allergan, Biogen Idec and Genzyme...

Abbott exploring sale of vaccines unit

05-Jul-2010 - Abbott Laboratories has confirmed it is considering the sale of the vaccines unit it gained with the €4.5bn ($6.2bn) acquisition of Solvay Pharmaceuticals in February .

Alembic to demerge pharma business

30-Jun-2010 - India’s oldest pharmaceutical company Alembic went one step closer to the biggest restructuring in its history as its board approved the demerging of its main pharmaceutical business into a separate...

Sosei buys Activus Pharma and drug delivery technology

29-Jun-2010 - Sosei has revealed its intention to acquire Activus Pharma in a deal which allows the Japan-based firm to get their hands on Activus' nanoparticle drug formulation tools, a technology that’s...

Gilead buys a $120m ticket for protein kinase research role

28-Jun-2010 - A deal to broaden Gilead’s research expertise into protein kinase biology has been finalised with the $120m acquisition of CGI Pharmaceuticals, in a deal that compliments its comprehensive selection of...

News in brief

Biovail and Valeant to merge

23-Jun-2010 - Canada’s Biovail plans to buy Valeant Pharmaceuticals to strengthen US position in specialty CNS, dermatology and generics markets.

Minapharm buys CMO ProBioGen for €30.4m

17-Jun-2010 - Egypt-based Minapharm has acquired 95 per cent of CMO ProBioGen for a possible total of €30.4m ($37.6m).

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US industry quiz – how much do you know about H1 2010?

11-Jun-2010 - Know your Lilly from your Lonza? Then test your industry knowledge against colleagues, peers and our community of readers by participating in our exclusive map-based quiz.

Surya raising funds to invest in production capacity

02-Jun-2010 - India-based Surya Pharmaceuticals is planning to raise Rs 500 crore ($100m) to fund construction of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) production plant, according to local media reports.

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