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Longer punishments are poor fake drug deterrents; academic

29-Mar-2012 - An academic has questioned the wisdom of longer maximum penalties for counterfeiters at a House meeting to discuss sentencing.

India finds 1,420 substandard drug samples in first half of ‘11

28-Mar-2012 - In the first six months of fiscal 2011 tests of drug samples found 1,420 substandard pharmaceuticals in India.

More than 80% of Nigerian anti-malarials fail USP tests; study

27-Mar-2012 - More than four-fifths of anti-malarials sampled in Nigeria failed to meet USP specifications for one of the APIs, researchers found.

UN cracks down on internet drugs fraudsters

01-Mar-2012 - The UN has urged Governments to crack down on the growing number of fake drugs being sold online.

Annual WHO meeting to tackle spread of substandard drugs

06-Feb-2012 - The WHO is urging countries to collaborate on tackling substandard drugs and strengthening supply chains at a new annual meeting.

FDA calls for more powers to adopt nationwide ePedigree

02-Feb-2012 - The US FDA has called for more authority to ensure any track-and-trace system is binding for industry and pre-empts state laws.

EU could make API suppliers verify starting material sources

26-Jan-2012 - Europe is considering forcing API manufacturers to verify the source of starting materials as part of GMP revisions.

PIC/S adds GDP to remit to tackle supply chain threats

17-Jan-2012 - PIC/S has strengthened promotion of global GDP harmonisation and confidentiality in a revision to its documentation.

US fake drug seizures up 200%

10-Jan-2012 - The value of counterfeit pharmaceuticals seized at US borders jumped 200 per cent in 2011 as enforcement actions took effect.

USP publishes draft supply chain integrity chapter

09-Jan-2012 - The USP has published draft supply chain integrity guidance outlining steps to stop counterfeit or adulterated drugs reaching patients.

SE Asia likely source of fake anti-malarials in Africa; study

20-Dec-2011 - Counterfeit anti-malarials containing the Viagra API were probably manufactured in Southeast Asia, researchers found.

Drug quality treaty needed to raise standards, academics say

15-Dec-2011 - A treaty on medicine quality is needed to fix the major public health problem of substandard drugs, according to academics.

FDA anti-adulteration efforts hindered by industry; GAO

28-Nov-2011 - Industry reluctance to share information on economic adulteration is hindering FDA efforts to tackle tainted ingredients, a GAO report found.

EC seeks industry feedback to shape serialisation policy

24-Nov-2011 - The EC is seeking industry comments before implementing the serialisation aspect of the falsified medicines directive.

Trust in drug source may blind wholesalers to counterfeits

15-Nov-2011 - Wholesalers’ trust in the quality of products from some countries could decrease vigilance and allow counterfeits to reach pharmacies, research found.

Avantor to add tamper-evident seals to raw material containers

20-Oct-2011 - Avantor is to offer tamper-evident seals on all its pharma raw material and excipient containers by the end of the year.

Tech needed to cut rise of fake drugs on Twitter, research says

17-Oct-2011 - Spam filtering and identification is needed to stop Twitter becoming another platform for pushers of fake or substandard drugs, researchers say.

Sproxil & Orange fight for anti-counterfeiting market in Kenya

13-Oct-2011 - Sproxil and Orange have separately expanded text messaging anti-counterfeiting services in Kenya to tackle fake drugs.

FDA releases final guidance on anti-counterfeiting excipients

12-Oct-2011 - The FDA has published final guidance on the use of excipients as anti-counterfeiting tools in solid oral dosage forms.

Ukraine votes to criminalise drug counterfeiting

26-Sep-2011 - Ukraine's parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, has voted unanimously in favour of new legislation which will criminalise the production and trafficking of counterfeit drugs.

Rx-360 begins audit sharing to raise ingredient quality

21-Sep-2011 - Rx-360 has begun its audit sharing programme to increase knowledge about suppliers and the quality of pharmaceutical raw materials.

FDA asks for powers to stop another heparin-like crisis

15-Sep-2011 - The FDA needs additional powers to update its “antiquated, domestically-focused statute” and end the “competitive advantage of non-compliance”, an agency official said.

News in brief

Counterfeiters target countries with weak laws says Antigua Pharma Society

24-Aug-2011 - Drug counterfeiters are using the Caribbean as a transport hub to ship fake pharmaceutical around the world according to the Antigua Pharmaceutical Society.

Foreign investment needed to boost UAE drug production

24-Aug-2011 - The UAE needs overseas investment to kick-start its pharmaceutical manufacturing sector and end reliance on foreign imports, the DCCI says.

HP launches ‘cloud’ track and trace system to help fight counterfeits

04-Aug-2011 - HP has launched a global authentication service it says will help identify counterfeit and stolen pharmaceuticals.

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