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Counterfeit medicines are now being found with unnerving frequency, even in the legitimate supply chains of developed markets such as the US and Europe. For manufacturers, regulators and other healthcare stakeholders that raises many issues, including the threat to public safety, the need to improve supply chain security and corporate accountability.

US FDA slams 13 firms for selling unapproved drugs online

21-Sep-2017 - Thirteen companies have received US FDA warning letters citing the unlawful sale of unapproved and misbranded drug products over the internet.

Q&A with the 'Medical Futurist'

'If only everyone's supply chain was as regulated and secure as pharma’s'

05-Jun-2017 - 3D printing, augmented reality and deep learning algorithms will shape the future of the pharmaceutical supply chain says Dr Bertalan Mesko, the Medical Futurist.

Valium blister pack tampering leads to Australian recall for Roche and Apotex

01-Jun-2017 - Roche has recalled all batches of Valium 5mg tablets in Australia after finding evidence of product tampering within its supply chain.

Looking to the long-term: Serialisation regulations here to stay, Tracelink

23-May-2017 - Pharma and CMOs must start addressing their serialization needs ahead of 2019’s EU Falsified Medicines Directive, says Tracelink which is bringing its supply chain event NEXUS to Barcelona next month.

Facing death in the fight against counterfeit medications

11-Jul-2016 - In their pursuit to apply criminology theory to counterfeit medications, Nigerian leaders faced death, says researcher – but the country's efforts have ultimately been successful.

EFPIA: Protecting the European Meds Verification System from fakers is vital

16-Mar-2016 - Security is the top priority for the database intended to stop fake drugs entering European supply chains according to EFPIA.

Swiss and Indian regulators trying to determine how fake Harvoni reached Israel

10-Mar-2016 - The Swiss importer that supplied fake Harvoni to Israel has named the Indian manufacturer from which it bought the drug and is cooperating with an investigation say regulators.

US FDA rule: banned drugs will be destroyed

30-Sep-2015 - The FDA will begin destroying drugs which are refused entry to the US instead of returning them to their sender.

SA police shut down three counterfeit drug making faciltiies in INTERPOL swoop

21-Sep-2015 - South African Police shut down three counterfeit drug making plants last weekend in an INTERPOL-co-ordinated operation that seized 150 tonnes of fake medicines.

Recalls for ‘supplement’ with hidden Viagra API

15-Sep-2015 - A Florida company is recalling 26 sexual enhancement and diet pills after the US FDA discovered some contain undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

MHRA uncovers $1m illegal ED drug haul

27-Aug-2015 - A UK man has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for smuggling illegal erectile dysfunction drugs following an MHRA investigation.

EU lays out draft on new obligatory safety features for medicines

18-Aug-2015 - As part of European efforts to help stem the spread of counterfeit medicines, the European Commission has laid out the details of a key part of its Falsified Medicines Directive...

First part of European fake fighting database linked to securPharm

23-Jul-2015 - The first part of a Europe-wide database intended to help identify fake drugs is operational after being linked to Germany’s securPharm system.

Life ban for founder of fake US drug company with $12m in sales

15-Jul-2015 - The founder of a phony pharma company which made $12m importing fake chemo drugs to the US has been banned for life by the US FDA from working with any...

News in brief

Suspect Viagra pills seized in EU-wide swoop on organised crime gang

02-Jul-2015 - More evidence linking fake pharmaceuticals and organised crime emerged today with Dutch police seizing suspicious Viagra pills along with cocaine, MDMA and burglary tools.

US FDA & INTERPOL seize fake meds from 1,000 websites

24-Jun-2015 - The US FDA has seized illegal medicines and medical devices sold by more than 1,050 websites.

EU pharma industry a step closer to fake fighting drug repository

23-Jun-2015 - Industry efforts set up a drug database to help Europeans identify fake pharmaceuticals progressed this week after thee software firms signed development deals with project leader, EMVO.

Collaboration is key to combatting counterfeiting

Fighting fake drugs about patient safety not competitive advantage says Rx-360

09-Apr-2015 - Fighting drug fakers relies on collaboration according to supply chain security group RX-360, which says drugmakers put rivalries on hold in the war against counterfeiters.

What's in a name? The results of our banned sex supplement quiz

01-Apr-2015 -   Learn more about pharmaceutical fakes at's Anti-Counterfeiting Forum on April 16, 2016.

‘Game changer’: latest GDP rules spell full traceability for APIs

26-Mar-2015 - Makers and distributors of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) will have to track their products throughout the supply chain and meet rules on cold chain transport and outsourcing under revised guidance...

WHO calls for proactive strategies to combat falsified, substandard medicines

23-Mar-2015 - The WHO’s latest report on substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/counterfeit (SSFFC) medical products has the organization divvying up certain responsibilities for controlling the fraudulent products between countries.

EU safety logo set to tighten net on dodgy food supplement sales

10-Mar-2015 - The Danish and Austrian authorities have warned against toxic food supplements ahead of an EU-wide safety logo set to crack down on illegal retailers posing as online pharmacies.


Switzerland rejects allegations it offers drug fakers easy route to the EU

12-Feb-2015 - The increase in dodgy erectile dysfunction drugs seized in Switzerland does not mean the country is a weak point for counterfeiters shipping to Europe according to Swissmedic.

Think you’re on track for 2018 EU serialisation? No you’re not

04-Feb-2015 - Most pharmaceutical companies are already behind on preparations for the EU Falsified Medicines Directive’s serialisation requirements for 2018, says one services firm.

News in brief

30 months for smuggler of Roche cancer drugs which lacked API

26-Jan-2015 - A second man has received a prison sentence after counterfeit vials of a Roche cancer drug containing no API were seized in 2012.

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