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3D printed scaffold could free diabetic cell transplant recipients from immunosupressive meds

28-May-2015 - Dutch scientists have used 3D printing to produce a protective scaffold that could make cell transplant-based diabetes treatment more successful and eliminate the need for immunosupressive drugs.

Novartis to assess biologics with micro-sugar-needle delivery tech

27-May-2015 - Novartis has partnered with Google-backed Rani Therapeutics to assess an oral platform which delivers biologics through the intestinal wall using needles made of sugar.

Inhalable biologics: Serendex formulates with Novozymes’ Recombumin

20-May-2015 - Serendex Pharmaceutical is a step closer to developing an inhalable biopharmaceutical for lung disease after adopting stabilising tech from Novozymes.

Cancer-hunting shark proteins are the future of drug conjugation, says Almac

19-May-2015 - Almac is coupling tiny shark proteins to a cancer-killing warhead to develop an oncology drug, saying their small size makes for easy conjugation. 

Perrigo enters softgel space buying ex-Banner operations for $34m from Patheon

13-May-2015 - Patheon has sold its Mexican operations to Perrigo for $34m as it looks to transform the Banner business it acquired back in 2012.

EMA: clinical data may not be needed for topical comparisons

13-May-2015 - The EMA (European Medicines Agency) is changing the way it assesses quality of topical drugs for marketing authorisations.

Lilly builds drug delivery and device R&D site

12-May-2015 - Eli Lilly is building a drug delivery and device innovation centre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

MannKind: Afrezza's slow start due to delays not demand for inhalable insulin

12-May-2015 - Sanofi's inhaled insulin drug Affrezza has generated lower than expected revenue due to marketing delays rather than low demand according to MannKind CFO, Matthew Pfeffer.

Catalent's oral Zydis tech: a hard pill for injectable vaccine makers?

07-May-2015 - Vaccines being developed using Catalent's oral Zydis platform would increase compliance and cut costs but Big Pharma is slow to get on board, the firm says.

Capsugel focusing on inhaled biotherapeutics from Bend facility

06-May-2015 - Capsugel says it is bolstering its service to offer specialised dry powder inhalation (DPI) formulations, allowing biotherapeutics to be delivered to the lung rather than by injection.

Controlled-release tech turns liquid drugs solid in stomach

04-May-2015 - A liquid-gel which solidifies in the stomach could offer drugmakers an effective modified-release delivery option, according to the lead scientist behind the project.

Catalent and 3M stress the importance of being bioavailable

30-Apr-2015 - [View the story "Bracknell hosts earnest drug delivery tech discussion" on Storify]

Recipharm in talks to make LIDDS' prostate cancer drug-device candidate

22-Apr-2015 - Recipharm has begun negotiations to manufacture a prostate cancer drug-device candidate for Swedish pharma firm LIDDS.

J&J to increase wearable insulin patch-pump production

20-Apr-2015 - Johnson & Johnson will scale up manufacturing of a three-day wearable patch pump used to deliver insulin, in preparation for a post 2016 launch.

Catalent completes expansion of US complex tablet site

16-Apr-2015 - Catalent has doubled production capacity and added extra analytical lab space at its facility in Winchester, Kentucky, US.

Big firms dominate solubility sector but demand creating space for small players, says Kline & Co

16-Apr-2015 - BASF, Abitec and Gattefossé dominate the solubility excipients market but growing demand for tech to enhance API solubility is creating opportunities for smaller suppliers according to new research.

Recipharm invests in metal-linked API delivery tech in Synthonics deal

15-Apr-2015 - Recipharm has invested $2m (EUR1.8m) in metal co-ordinated chemistry (MCC) specialist Synthonics in a deal that will also see it help develop the US firm’s range of targeted drug products.

Abivax's ARV action could herald functional HIV cure, says firm

14-Apr-2015 - A drug candidate which prevents the export of viral RNA in infected cells could lead the way in developing a functional cure for HIV, according to Abivax.

Achilles heel a competitive strength: European Investment Bank backs Innocoll AG with €25m loan

02-Apr-2015 - The European Investment Bank (EIB) has loaned Innocoll AG €25m to support development of a post-surgical painkiller and diabetes-related infection drug delivered using its collagen-based tech.

Columbia Labs adds intra-vaginal ring tech and drug delivery pioneers

31-Mar-2015 - Columbia Laboratories has licensed a technology for delivering peptides using an intra-vaginal ring developed by MIT scientist Robert Langer.

Capsugel invests in vegetarian capsules citing demand for lower moisture content and API cross-linking risk

26-Mar-2015 - Capsugel will invest $25m (€22m) to expand production of vegetarian-friendly drug and food supplement capsules.

Biohaven opts for Zydis delivery tech for anxiety pill

26-Mar-2015 - Biohaven Pharmaceutical has created a melt in the mouth anxiety drug using formulation technology licensed from Catalent.

Pharma moves into 3D printing with customizable drug delivery devices

19-Mar-2015 - 3D printers have been used to create tailor-made drug delivery tools, including bioactive radiology devices.

Small revolution: nanotech to be the next big thing in cancer drug delivery, report

18-Mar-2015 - More cancer drugs are going to be delivered using nanoparticles according to Frost & Sullivan, which says research breakthroughs are going to drive adoption of such technologies.

WHO: Smart needles key to preventing new hep B infections

12-Mar-2015 - New hepatitis B treatment guidelines advocate use of Gilead and BMS drugs and underline WHO concerns that needle reuse spreads the virus.

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