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GSK's declining Advair sales to be propped by respiratory portfolio

24-Jul-2014 - GlaxoSmithKline has issued upbeat guidance despite a 12% fall in sales of its blockbuster asthma and COPD drug Advair, as new products enter the respiratory drug market.

MonosolRx finds new licensee for oral film delivered ondansetron

23-Jul-2014 - MonosolRx has found a new US licensee for its oral film ondansetron product, Zuplenz, signing up Galena BioPharma nearly four years after previous partner Strativa handed the drug back.

Sterile injectables M&A could indicate return to in-house production

22-Jul-2014 - Drugmakers are bringing sterile injectables capacity back in-house according to a Frost & Sullivan analyst, who says industry risk aversion is the key driver.

Allergan further fends off Valeant with 1,500 job cuts, M&A projections

22-Jul-2014 - Botox maker Allergan announced sales and earnings per share growth above the high end of its expectations, but it will cut 1,500 jobs, or about 13% of its workforce as it continues to avoid a $54bn hostile takeover bid from Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Pfizer and Sun open wallets in latest sterile injectable deals

17-Jul-2014 - Pfizer and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries have boosted their sterile injectables businesses through the respective acquisitions of InnoPharma and the CMO Pharmalucence.


Hovione and Merrion team on solubility solutions

16-Jul-2014 - Hovione has teamed up with delivery tech developer Merrion Pharmaceuticals to provide developers of BCS class III and IV drugs with more solubility enhancement options.

Priority Review for Purdue’s anti-abuse hydrocodone

09-Jul-2014 - The US FDA has granted Priority Review Designation to Purdue Pharma’s hydrocodone bitartrate tablet which has abuse-deterrent technology.

Zogenix adds abuse deterrents to Zohydro painkiller

03-Jul-2014 - Zogenix has modified its much-debated painkiller Zohydro with abuse-deterrent formulations.

Afrezza approval: US FDA validation for Mannkind's drug and delivery tech

01-Jul-2014 - The US FDA approved Afrezza last weekend after deeming that the inhaled insulin drug and the dry powder delivery technology used to get it deep into the lungs is effective.

Oasmia's vitamin A excipient tech attract global pharma collaborator

26-Jun-2014 - Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB has teamed up with a “global pharmaceutical company” interested in its vitamin A-based nanoparticle formulation tech in a move that expands its business model to drug development partnering.

Copley develops new testing techs for generic respiratory drugs

24-Jun-2014 - Copley Scientific has launched new technologies to help developers of generic inhalable drugs stick to specific testing guidelines issued by the US FDA and USP. 

Mannkind preps Afrezza plant ahead of anticipated approval

16-Jun-2014 - Two billion cartridges of inhaled insulin drug Afrezza will be manufactured annually by Mannkind, the firm says as it awaits final approval next month.

PK/PD principles could tackle antibiotic resistance with single injection

09-Jun-2014 - A single-dose of an investigational MRSA drug could be equivalent to a ten-day course of antibiotics due to the application of PK-PD principles in its design and optimization, The Medicines Company says.

Capsugel: New bioavailability enhancing capacity to fufill non-GMP demand

05-Jun-2014 - Capsugel has installed a commercial-scale dryer in its recently acquired Bend Research R&D facility, citing a rise in demand for non-GMP spray dried dispersion (SDD) services.

Hospira to invest $120m in injectable facility in Kansas

02-Jun-2014 - As part of a wave of good news for the beleaguered Hospira, the company said it will inject $120m into its McPherson, Kansas, facility, which will result in 150 new jobs over the next five years.

Nanomotors could help to deliver drugs faster, scientists say

29-May-2014 - Researchers in Texas have unveiled the fastest, smallest motor to date, which could pave the way for similar motors moving through the body to administer drugs or to target cancer cells.  

Configurable 'peptide locks' could help deliver antivirals, say scientists

29-May-2014 - US scientists have tinkered with a virus so that it opens its cargo doors only in the presence of certain enzymes that could be used to drop therapeutics precisely onto a target.   

3M to expand metered dose inhaler production at UK site

28-May-2014 - 3M Drug Delivery Systems says it will boost capacity for its metered dose inhaler (MDI) division by more than 20 percent at its Loughborough, UK site.

UCL spin-out aims to smuggle antibodies across the blood-brain barrier

27-May-2014 - A collaboration involving academia and industry is to develop new ways of delivering antibodies to the brain using molecular envelop technology developed by Nanomerics, a UCL spin-out company.

Reckitt Benckiser to co-develop nasal spray to treat opioid overdose

20-May-2014 - Reckitt Benckiser and AntiOp announced plans on Monday to co-develop a naloxone nasal spray to help in the reversal of opioid overdose.

Scientists look to deliver gene therapy via polymer nanoparticles

20-May-2014 - Scientists in the US report that gene therapy could be delivered using plastic biodegradable nanoparticles

MIT researchers create polymer nanoparticle for cancer drug delivery

15-May-2014 - Chemists at MIT have created a triple warhead against cancer.  They believe theirs is the first example a polymer nanoparticle which carries a precise ratio of three drugs that can be released in response to three distinct triggers.  

Unilife reports 'strong quarter' despite no revenue from products

14-May-2014 - Unilife says it is confident future revenue from current contracts could total $1bn and is scaling up manufacturing capacities despite no product sales in the third quarter.

Drug delivery via wearable sensor in near future

13-May-2014 - A paper-thin, wearable electronic device that monitors a patient’s health status and delivers therapy as required has moved a step closer to reality. 

Bayer buys Merck & Co.'s OTC business for $14.2bn

06-May-2014 - Bayer says it will become the OTC leader in North America having acquired Merck & Co.’s consumer health business for $14.2bn (€10.2bn), in the latest shift in Big Pharma assets.


G-CON: Pfizer investment an endorsement of 'podular' manufacturing

Pfizer investment an endorsement of 'podular' manufacturing, says G-CON

G-CON says a multi-million dollar investment by Pfizer could hasten the “paradigm shift” in pharma manufacturing towards...

US FDA enforcement evolving in India will drive compliance costs

Indian firms must invest in compliance as USFDA ups enforcement, says S&P

Indian drugmakers must invest heavily in compliance processes in response to the US FDA’s “aggressive surveillance” and...

Ease regulations to cure drug industry antibiotic resistance, says RPS

Ease regulations to cure drug industry antibiotic resistance, says RPS

The current model of antibiotic development “is broken,” says the Professor of Pharmaceutical Innovation at Kings College,...

Zogenix adds abuse deterrents to Zohydro painkiller

Zogenix adds abuse deterrents to Zohydro painkiller

Zogenix has modified its much-debated painkiller Zohydro with abuse-deterrent formulations.

Afrezza approval: Validation for Mannkind's drug and delivery tech

Afrezza approval: US FDA validation for Mannkind's drug and delivery tech

The US FDA approved Afrezza last weekend after deeming that the inhaled insulin drug and the dry...

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