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Teva tackles migraine through potential $400m Heptares collaboration

26-Nov-2015 - Teva has teamed with Heptares to develop and commercialise easily-deliverable small-molecule calcitonin gene-related peptide (GPCR) antagonists to treat migraine.

'Drug-in-capsule' demand for trial material drives Juniper micro-dose investment

23-Nov-2015 - Juniper Pharmaceuticals has made a “significant capital investment” to expand its Xcelodose powder micro-dosing system to feed demand for Phase I study materials.

Laser delivery will allow painless, needle-less vaccines

19-Nov-2015 - A laser-based treatment will allow powdered vaccines to be delivered through the skin, scientists say.

Scientists model Ebola drug delivery on virus’s infection route

11-Nov-2015 - A project modelling how the Ebola virus enters cells could help researchers discover a small molecule drug delivery method to fight the virus.

MannKind: Afrezza's slow start comparable to launch of Toyota Prius

10-Nov-2015 - MannKind says it is confident sales of its inhaled insulin product Afrezza - commercialised by Sanofi - will pick up after disappointing growth since launch.

Unilife undecided on takeover plans; gives December 31 deadline

10-Nov-2015 - Unilife CEO Alan Shortall yesterday confirmed the drug delivery company is still “receiving interest from several parties under the strategic review process” and set a deadline of December 31 to announce any potential takeover.  The company received its most recent round of debt financing three weeks ago.

Hand-held ultrasound pulse could deliver drugs through gut wall, new research

03-Nov-2015 - US researchers have found that using an ultrasound probe increases small molecule delivery through the intestinal tract of animal models and could help deliver drugs in human.

Malaria protein conjugate could deliver anti-cancer drugs, researcher

30-Oct-2015 - A protein in malaria could be used to deliver anti-cancer drugs to many types of tumours.

Self-guide nanomotor delivers, according to Dutch study

29-Oct-2015 - Researchers have taken a step closer to nanomotor-based drug delivery by creating a tiny motor to follow a chemical path towards target cells. 

Irish researchers generate crystal structure for a PEGylated protein

28-Oct-2015 - Irish scientists have completed the most comprehensive structural study yet of a PEGylated protein, giving greater insight into how such molecules improve injectable therapies.

Immune cell binding nanoparticle could lead to new sepsis treatment

26-Oct-2015 - A nanoparticle that binds to immune cells in the body has been shown to tune down inflammation and offer a potential first-of-a-kind treatment for sepsis.  

Sanofi actions hiring freeze on back of poor Afrezza performance, ex-sales rep claims

21-Oct-2015 - Sanofi has reportedly issued a hiring freeze across its commercial team for its inhaled insulin product, Afrezza.

Almac ramps up multiparticulate drug delivery services in UK

09-Oct-2015 - Demand for multiparticulate drug delivery systems has led Almac to add fluid-bed processing and encapsulation services to its pharma offering.

Growing demand for vegetarian capsules despite their cost, says Capsugel

07-Oct-2015 - Capsugel has seen growing pharma demand for vegetarian capsules with formulation benefits outweighing the fact they cost more than gelatin.

Conventional wisdom yields conventional outcomes, says 'Brilliant' drug delivery professor

06-Oct-2015 - In an exclusive Q&A, nanoparticle pioneer Kathryn Whitehead wishes industry would invest more in delivery vehicles and predicts Alnylam will be first to commercialise an siRNA therapeutic.

‘First liquid aspirin’ maker seeks licensing deal

01-Oct-2015 - Innovate Pharmaceuticals has launched what it claims is the world’s first shelf-stable liquid aspirin, and says it is on the look-out for a licensing partner for the “$500m” market.

Teva adds an 'appy medium to its respiratory portfolio with Gecko buy

30-Sep-2015 - Teva has acquired Gecko Health Innovations, adding an inhaler app it says can help patients manage asthma and COPD.

Heptares awarded NIH grant to tackle cocaine addiction

29-Sep-2015 - Blocking the neuropeptides that regulate arousal and appetite could lead to a treatment for cocaine addiction, says Heptares which has received an NIH development grant.

Novartis extends Unilife deal for drug delivery device

29-Sep-2015 - Novartis has extended a deal with Unilife for the supply of an injectable drug delivery system for use with an early stage drug candidate.

Potential $1.25bn deal adds CEPT inhibitor to Amgen's cardiovascular offerings

22-Sep-2015 - Amgen could pay up to $1.25bn Dezima Pharma if its promising lead candidate - the cholesterol buster TA-8995 - is approved.

Glide and Cilian team to develop solid dose flu vaccine

22-Sep-2015 - Cilian has teamed up with Glide Technologies to develop a solid dose influenza vaccine to be delivered via a needle-free injector.


Sun Pharma eyes US ocular delivery expert

16-Sep-2015 - Indian generics company Sun Pharma has made a $48m (€42m) offer for US eye drug maker InSite Vision and its delivery platform.

Biocon launches insulin pen, fully 'made in India' from new device plant

16-Sep-2015 - Biocon has begun commercial manufacturing at its Bangalore devices facility to support the launch of its insulin pen product, Basalog One.

Supersonic spray will transform bioavailability, says BASF

15-Sep-2015 - BASF is developing extra-soluble nanoparticles for better drug delivery using faster-than-sound technology.

Unilife cuts workforce by 17% as it shifts from R&D to commercialisation

15-Sep-2015 - Unilife has axed about 50 R&D jobs as part of a plan to reduce its operating expenses.

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