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Almac ramps up multiparticulate drug delivery services in UK

09-Oct-2015 - Demand for multiparticulate drug delivery systems has led Almac to add fluid-bed processing and encapsulation services to its pharma offering.

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Growing demand for vegetarian capsules despite their cost, says Capsugel

07-Oct-2015 - Capsugel has seen growing pharma demand for vegetarian capsules with formulation benefits outweighing the fact they cost more than gelatin.

Conventional wisdom yields conventional outcomes, says 'Brilliant' drug delivery professor

06-Oct-2015 - In an exclusive Q&A, nanoparticle pioneer Kathryn Whitehead wishes industry would invest more in delivery vehicles and predicts Alnylam will be first to commercialise an siRNA therapeutic.

‘First liquid aspirin’ maker seeks licensing deal

01-Oct-2015 - Innovate Pharmaceuticals has launched what it claims is the world’s first shelf-stable liquid aspirin, and says it is on the look-out for a licensing partner for the “$500m” market.

Teva adds an 'appy medium to its respiratory portfolio with Gecko buy

30-Sep-2015 - Teva has acquired Gecko Health Innovations, adding an inhaler app it says can help patients manage asthma and COPD.

Heptares awarded NIH grant to tackle cocaine addiction

29-Sep-2015 - Blocking the neuropeptides that regulate arousal and appetite could lead to a treatment for cocaine addiction, says Heptares which has received an NIH development grant.

Novartis extends Unilife deal for drug delivery device

29-Sep-2015 - Novartis has extended a deal with Unilife for the supply of an injectable drug delivery system for use with an early stage drug candidate.

Potential $1.25bn deal adds CEPT inhibitor to Amgen's cardiovascular offerings

22-Sep-2015 - Amgen could pay up to $1.25bn Dezima Pharma if its promising lead candidate - the cholesterol buster TA-8995 - is approved.

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