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Roche getting under the skin of biosimilar competition

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25-Jul-2016 - Subcutaneous versions of its biologic blockbusters - including Mabthera and Herceptin - will help protect against biosimilar competition, says Roche.

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Evonik to buy CDMO for drug delivery technologies

19-Jul-2016 - Evonik has bought Transferra Nanosciences to expand its injectable drug delivery technology offering.

MonoSol Rx licenses film tech to Kuraray-owned namesake for non-pharma uses

18-Jul-2016 - MonoSol Rx licenses delivery film tech to MonoSol LLC for non-pharma uses.

Pharmacy researchers work to improve drug delivery

14-Jul-2016 - Researchers suggest targeted nanosystem drug delivery could be the key to crossing gastrointestinal tract and blood-brain barriers – a prevailing issue with oral medications.

Corium Alzheimer's disease patch could be available by 2019

06-Jul-2016 - A transdermal patch formulation of the most commonly used Alzheimer's disease (AD) drug could be on the market in 2019 - two to three years earlier than expected.

Astellas to develop rice-based oral cholera vaccine

06-Jul-2016 - Japan's Astellas has agreed to carry out clinical trials of a vaccine for serious diarrhoeal diseases which does not need to be refrigerated or injected and is produced in transgenic rice plants.

J&J's insulin patch finally heading for launch

05-Jul-2016 - Johnson & Johnson has finally announced a launch schedule for its One Touch Via insulin patch - some four years after it was first approved in the US.

Silk rockets and 3D printing: Researchers looks to transform drug delivery

30-Jun-2016 - Engineers from the University of Sheffield have developed 3D-printed silk 'micro-rockets' they say could be used to improve drug delivery.

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