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Teva tackles migraine through potential $400m Heptares collaboration

26-Nov-2015 - Teva has teamed with Heptares to develop and commercialise easily-deliverable small-molecule calcitonin gene-related peptide (GPCR) antagonists to treat migraine.

'Drug-in-capsule' demand for trial material drives Juniper micro-dose investment

23-Nov-2015 - Juniper Pharmaceuticals has made a “significant capital investment” to expand its Xcelodose powder micro-dosing system to feed demand for Phase I study materials.

Laser delivery will allow painless, needle-less vaccines

19-Nov-2015 - A laser-based treatment will allow powdered vaccines to be delivered through the skin, scientists say.

Scientists model Ebola drug delivery on virus’s infection route

11-Nov-2015 - A project modelling how the Ebola virus enters cells could help researchers discover a small molecule drug delivery method to fight the virus.

MannKind: Afrezza's slow start comparable to launch of Toyota Prius

10-Nov-2015 - MannKind says it is confident sales of its inhaled insulin product Afrezza - commercialised by Sanofi - will pick up after disappointing growth since launch.

Unilife undecided on takeover plans; gives December 31 deadline

10-Nov-2015 - Unilife CEO Alan Shortall yesterday confirmed the drug delivery company is still “receiving interest from several parties under the strategic review process” and set a deadline of December 31 to announce any potential takeover.  The company received its most recent round of debt financing three weeks ago.

Hand-held ultrasound pulse could deliver drugs through gut wall, new research

03-Nov-2015 - US researchers have found that using an ultrasound probe increases small molecule delivery through the intestinal tract of animal models and could help deliver drugs in human.

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