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Pfizer commits to $194m clean-up at Wyeth EPA 'superfund' site

Pfizer has agreed to perform $194m worth of clean-up work at a former-Wyeth site in New Jersey.

Pfizer to pay for clean up
Johnson Matthey to take on all Pharmorphix staff

Johnson Matthey buys Sigma-Aldrich solid state chem unit to boost API business

Johnson Matthey has bought Sigma-Aldrich’s Pharmorphix division to add a 'significant' customer base and expand its European API business.

‘First liquid aspirin’ maker seeks licensing deal

Innovate Pharmaceuticals has launched what it claims is the world’s first shelf-stable liquid aspirin, and says it is on the look-out for a licensing partner for the “$500m” market.

Very unscientific survey

Android or iOS: Which cell phone OS does the drug industry prefer?

Do API firms adore android? Do ocular drug developers’ eyes light up when they think of iOS? 

US FDA rule: banned drugs will be destroyed

The FDA will begin destroying drugs which are refused entry to the US instead of returning them to their sender.

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