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EMA says moving as a result of Brexit will delay approvals and slow public health efforts

Post-Brexit relocation will, at best, delay approvals and, at worst, limit drug availability and put European patients at greater risk of side effects and death according to the EMA. 

Pfizer confirms Puerto Rico plants damaged by hurricane Maria

Communication difficulties are hampering drug industry efforts to assess damage to manufacturing operations caused by the hurricane that struck Puerto Rico last week.

Red light for blue oxy: US FDA rejects Rexista's anti-abuse traits

The US FDA has rejected Intellipharmaceutics’ oxycodone product Rexista, raising concerns about the efficacy of its anti-abuse measures. 

Merck KGaA’s varied track & trace approach: 'We cannot rely on a singular security feature'

Merck KGaA says using a variety of tracking and authentication technologies and engaging with patients are vital to creating secure supply chains. 

EMA says it’s busy with Brexit and needs specifics of EU pre-submission probe

The EMA has asked the European Ombudsman for concrete details of its probe of pre-submission activities, warning that Brexit preparations have limited its capacity to respond.

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